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What Dr. Mandel’s PATIENTS SAY

“Dr. George Mandel has absolutely changed my life! I went to him for help with Plantar Fasciitis about three months ago. I experience prompt relief from the pain in my feet after just a couple visits. During my regular visits (for my feet) unexpectedly I quickly realized all the positive benefits acupuncture has had on my life.

Dr. Mandel has provided me with an overall well being and has definitely taught me to be “better” to myself, by teaching me sound simple ways to nurture my body and soul. My spiritual being has improved tremendously. He has touched my soul and aided me in healing from emotional scars. Every visit is an uplifting experience. Dr. Mandel is aware and truly compassionate.

The results I have experienced are profound and forever life changing. It has been an incredible experience and I am fortunate that Dr. Mandel has come into my path. He is passionate about his work and he is very knowledgeable. He is posses a special healing quality and offers my life a full sense of well being.

The tools I have been given I will cherish and take with me always. I could not thank Dr. George Mandel enough. If you are in search of optimal wellness I highly recommend, Dr. George Mandel at Elemental Healing Arts. I am truly lucky to receive such an amazing gift from his hands.”

Roberta A. Stack

“When I first decided to try George Mandel’s Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture treatments, I was noticing increased depth to the lines around my mouth, nose and chin areas. In addition the “family jowls” were starting to become more apparent to me and I did not like that at all. Having undergone a year’s worth of treatments, I must say that my expectations for improvement in the overall appearance of my face and chin/neck area have far exceeded what I’d hoped for. I look forward to the treatments for maintenance these days, not only for the improved appearance, but also for the relaxation I experience during the sessions. I’d recommend these treatments to anyone who wants to improve the tone and texture of their facial area.”

D. K.

“I wholeheartedly recommend the services of George Mandel, Dr. of Oriental Medicine. George not only has fine training but also possesses the warmth and perceptiveness that enable him to individualize his treatments to the particular needs of each of his patients. He truly has a healing touch.”

Katherine Hanscom

“I am the proud recipient of a custom done George Mandel acupuncture face-lift. I admit I was quite skeptical about the outcome. I have had lots of acupuncture for general health maintenance with good result and am an ardent proponent, but didn’t really think it would would for a specific cosmetic application. Boy, was I wrong. I began to see subtle changes in the contour of my jawline and my crows feet by the 3rd session. I still suspected it was largely psychosomatic. By my 6th session other people were starting to say how well I looked, girlfriends asked if I’d “had a little work done” assuming I’d had plastic surgery. 12 sessions and 6 months later I’m still getting compliments and inquiries and I DO believe because I can see the difference.
George was great. He has a wonderful talent in making you feel completely comfortable with the procedure, giving realistic expectations and generally made it a lot of fun. I would never consider traditional plastic surgery and am very glad that I did this with George.”


“I’ve been treated by Dr. George Mandel for 2 years and I trust him completely. He has cured me of several muscular and health issues that other doctors couldn’t even mildly improve. He is extremely compassionate and concerned about my comfort levels and is a true professional. I’ve loyally used his services because when I leave his office my physical complaint is either eradicated or relieved so that I can comfortably get on with my active and athletic lifestyle. It’s like cheating…..Presently, Dr. George Mandel is giving my an acupuncture face lift. My jowls are disappearing, my eyes and eyebrows are lifted, and those hollow areas beneath both of my cheek bones are plumbing up. My chin and neck muscles are taut.

I’m pleased with the results. I’m so satisfied with Dr. George Mandel’s treatments that I’ll use his services for the rest of my life. Respectful submitted.”

– M.W.

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